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Cosmion Iontophoretic Rejuvenating Facial Mask

Masking your flaws is now healthy for your skin with Cosmion Iontophoretic Rejuvenating Facial Mask. The mask contains a negative charge for the delivery of negative ion based ingredients, allowing them to penetrate deep into your skin. This dramatically reduces wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and uneven tone and texture. Ideal for those with aging, hyperpigmented, or sun damaged skin who want to receive the greatest benefits from their skin care.

Cosmion Iontophoretic Rejuvenating System Box

Get the ultimate benefits out of your Iontophoretic Rejuvenating Mask and Eye Patches with the Cosmion Iontophoretic Rejuvenating System Box. It includes a healing, smoothing, and brightening Vitamin C serum, a skin-clearing and revitalizing cleanser, and a sterilizing solution to ensure proper function. The set includes Facial Cleanser (1 fl. oz.), Iontophoretic Rejuvenating Serum (1 fl. oz.), and Sterilizing Solution (1 fl. oz.). Ideal for those with aging or hyperpigmented skin who want clear, smooth, and firm skin. Vitamin C lightens, brightens, tones, and tightens. Mandelic Acid renews the surface layer of the skin. Algae Extract soothes and repairs.